Housing and Urban Development

As our cities expand, we must ensure that everybody can access adequate shelter and resources

Ending Violence Against Women

Ending violence against women and their children is an urgent challenge

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Resettlement and social integration of refugees and asylum seekers is essential to ensure a humane and equitable future

Community-engaged Research

Researching with and for communities means higher-quality outcomes that meet real needs

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. Our aim is to advance interdisciplinary research on social equity issues across the full spectrum of social life including health, law, education, housing, work and transport. The Institute brings together researchers from across the University of Melbourne to identify unjust or unfair practices that lead to social inequity and work towards finding ways to ameliorate disadvantage.

Latest News

Hospitals or Prisons? Treating Offenders with Severe Mental Health Conditions

Bernadette McSherry and Andrew Carroll

How do we best protect the community from serious crime? Many would presume that the best form of protection is to keep as many offenders as possible in prison. It is clear, however, that just keeping people in prison does not prevent reoffending.  A recent report by the Victorian Ombudsman found that while over $1 billion will be spent on the Victorian prison system this year, access to programs and services has been reduced and this has been accompanied by a rise in reoffending. Continue reading


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